The Abolition of Medical Consent and Bodily Autonomy

Last week it was announced that participation in the Covid-19 vaccine trials will be mandatory for all care workers. I am truly struggling to understand how this has happened in England - it is proving almost impossible to put my reaction into words. In my past 2 attempts to write this post I have been found myself entirely without words. It's a transparently insane occurrence, no matter how the Ministry of Truth try to frame it.  Ministers claim they have passed the mandate out of concern for low uptake of the vaccines in care home workers. This suggestion has provoked two strong responses in my mind that I'm sure we all share: A) Where was their "concern" for carers when they were sending sick residents back into their facilities, instead of the Nightingale hospitals?  B) Why is it not up to the workers what risks they're willing to take? A theme of my objections throughout - adults should have the right to assess the level of risk and make their own decisions 

Why It's Still Not Over

 I am as grateful as anyone else about the announcement that more establishments will be allowed to open on the 19th July. To call it "Freedom Day", however, is just another misdirecting buzzword. Here's why: If You Don't Get Rid Of It All, It Will Come Back Worse One thing the government are being very careful about is never stating that every restriction will be fully, permanently lifted. We see headlines about "easing" and "most restrictions will be axed", but never explicit statements that everything will be removed. The state of emergency will have to be maintained, since vaccines are only approved for emergency use. Masks and testing will still be in use, which will perpetuate the atmosphere of danger and unease. As George Orwell writes, "the consciousness of being in danger makes the handing over of all power to a small caste seem the natural unavoidable condition of survival". As long as there are still everyday reminders of the s

How To Save The NHS

 If the government cared about the NHS, or cared about public health in any way, here are some things they would have done: Ban Smoking. 21% of hospitalisations for any respiratory disease can be attributed to smoking. Plus 14% of all admissions for circulatory diseases, and 9% of all admissions for cancers. If smoking had been banned or even discouraged in the same way that handshakes have been, for example, the covid risk for smokers would have significantly reduced - after quitting, circulation and lung function start to improve after 2 weeks, and risk of heart attack drops after just 2 days! And this in turn would have reduced hospitalisations and reduced pressure on the NHS. So why didn't they do it?  Keep Exercise Facilities Open.  Obesity is a covid risk factor. Boris told us himself: "my friends, I was too fat". Exercise can reduce your risk of major illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes (another covid risk) and cancer by up to 50%. Not to men

Nothing To Lose (Don't Worry, It's Good)

 The past year and a half has been tough for everyone. Personally I've lost: a job, a relationship, a bunch of friendships, and now another job all due to lockdown (Plus some other stuff unrelated to lockdown, but it sure didn't help). In fairness, the losing-people side has really just been the uncovering of everyone's true colours and in a way I'm glad I found out the truth about them. I only hope they've seen that truth in themselves too. Some people wonder how they'd have acted in Nazi Germany - would they comply out of self-preservation, or fight for what's right no matter what. Some people are sure they'd have fought. Interestingly, I have found it's those who wondered and questioned themselves who are fighting, and it's those who had the arrogance to assume that they'd be openly anti-Nazi without the benefit of hindsight that are the ones being sucked into believing the government narrative. The ones who are so sure they're good pe


 It's taken me a day or so to process the last demonstration. As Essex participants will know, there was a significant delay in our journey to the starting point - a fatality at Gidea Park caused all trains into Central London to be stopped. Undeterred, the group splintered and made their various ways into Hyde Park. From here on, then, I can only speak for my small family group who made it to Marble Arch at half past 1. Half an hour late, we were still able to join the crowd that was streaming steadily out of Hyde Park, with many more to come.  It was undoubtedly the highest-attended protest yet. Aerial footage courtesy of Richard Tice shows the miles of road occupied by tightly packed people. The BBC even said there were "thousands" of us, so by the ratio of their previous estimates, I assume there were over a million. I was pleased to discover on Sunday morning that multiple papers had actually reported on the protest, and the Mail Online had used a photo that my banne

I Told You So

 June 21st isn't happening. Since March, I've been saying it won't. Every time I said that we need to take a stand to end lockdown, I heard back "we'll be coming out of lockdown very soon" or "why are you bothering when we know it's going to end on 21st June?". I do wonder how those people must be feeling right now. I have, in the case of those who treated me worst, been unable to resist saying "I told you so" directly to them. Nonetheless, we move on from this particular incident of vindication and must begin to examine why it has come about.  There are two clear and equally likely reasons for this postponement occurring: the vaccine, and the damage of lockdown. In the case of the vaccine, it is well known that the vaccine only has clearance for emergency use. It has not passed enough safety trials for mass distribution outside of an emergency situation. This means that if the government had lifted lockdown on the 21st as promised, the

When This Is All Over

For 1 year and 3 months, we've been talking about "when this is all over". Some people mean "when lockdown is lifted" but others, like me, don't mean that. Because we know that this will not be over when lockdown lifts. Nothing will return to normal, because the damage is done. I see everyone pinning their hopes on the 21st June, believing the claim that things will just go Back to Normal on that date. Let me see if I can enter the mind of a believer... On the 21st June, it is written, we shall be risen from the lockdown by our Merciful Lord and Saviour, Boris of Johnson. Most noble, he hath saved us from the dreaded coronavirus such as lowly humankind hath never before born witness to (except NL63, 229E, MERS-CoV, and SARS-CoV but they are all definitely not relevant and SARS-Cov2 is completely unprecedented, the name is a coincidence). We shall be delivered by his Mercy to our previous state - worry not, ye children, for your classmates self-wounded shall